Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday = Hump day

Am starting to notice politics about the place. Eyes and ears open and mouth shut (...if I can remember that last bit).

Am getting a lot of positive feedback about how I am going. It helps that the last teacher in my room was apparently crap (and even said out loud that she considered that all she was doing was babysitting). It also helps with that feeling that I'm not where I want to be as a teacher. That will take time but I am ever impatient.

I have some classroom/student management issues. Including a mother who's not keen on the word no and a student who is very loud, uncooperative and disruptive. I feel a bit out of my depth with behavioural management of small children. I will try a few things and ask around for suggestions.

My student with the clingy mum hasn't been to school at all this week. It will be hard for her to come back and harder for the mum, perhaps. She has had a head cold – the sniffles or really sick? We shouldn't make judgements. I have this strange lingering feeling that I won't see her again. But the kid has to go somewhere and from the sounds of it the primary school she is having an integration day at are keen for her to be with us for a while. We'll see.

My lesson planning keeps going wrong. Their attention span is so short but it takes so long to get anything started. I'll get a balance eventually, I hope. It's just frustrating.

Got chairs with boards for my two tippers and they seem to work quite well. The aim is not to need to tie them in, one day, in the future (in a galaxy far far away...).

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