Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday, Week 3, Day 14

Primary meeting this morning was made very much better by the apple crumble that one of the other teachers brought in. It was great! It may have been the sugar that made me agree to be the primary school rep on the social committee. It didn't sound too hard, no one else was keen, and events are something I can handle both ideas and organisation wise so I shouldn't feel too out of my depth. I think there are worse ways of getting involved in the school community.

Had my first team meeting this arvo, I went ok. My physio and OT are really nice to work with, it feels like we are all trying to do the same thing. Heading in the same direction is a great feeling, even if none of us are exactly sure what we are doing yet (this is mainly because the preps are so new to us and to school). I think having a supportive team takes some of the pressure off me and means I don't have to be a stand alone teacher – just me in the classroom type thing.

My Snow White was away again and the wiser teachers across the hall recommended that I give mum a call and see how she is going. Just to keep in touch at this early stage and let the kid know we miss her... It was the right thing to do, mum was very appreciative and kid had given the cold to dad – a sweet and sharing lass! She is well enough to go to her integration school tomorrow though. I have to go to a meeting there on Tuesday and I will have seen her for a total of 9/12 days only 6 without her mum present. It's not a lot to go on and I don't know what will happen at this meeting.

We had further discipline issues today with Goldilocks and may have to have a time out or naughty chair. We will present decisions differently and have consequences. I spoke to mum briefly at 12 and they don't have any particular way of responding to her 'strong willed' nature but are happy for us to give different things a try. As much as I feel I am neglecting my better behaved kids to deal with this we need to get on top of things in a firm and consistent way now. It will drive me mental otherwise!

I am getting better at the words and actions to 5 little monkeys and More little monkeys (6 to 10). It is my release valve. If I have to fill for a bit or need to get a different attitude happening we either read or put the music on. It makes me feel better as sometimes they are very very easy to imagine as 5 little monkeys going bananas!

From reading other teaching blogs, I suspect that the feeling that I could always be doing more is going to be a keeper! This will be one of the great learning experiences of teaching. How to pull back whilst staying enthused. Being a good teacher without burning out. A blog alone will not keep me sane..............

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