Sunday, November 05, 2006

Update. . .

Although I haven't signed it, or seen it yet, I have it in writing (probably not worth the paper it's written on - not that I'm a cynic...) that I will be getting a maternity leave replacement contract for next year (and maybe a few years after). Things are going well now I am feeling more able to cope. I have reports and my VIT meeting for my full registration one day after the other in a couple of weeks. I'm a bit stressed but feel like I can do it. No tears this term and I'm not even counting the days! I can talk about next year at school with confidence that I'll be there and that feels pretty good.

I've been sick heaps, but everyone - including the school nurse - says this is normal for first year teaching. It adds to the chronic tiredness though. As for the kids, Sleeping Beauty is still quite sick and doesn't attend a lot, Snow White's parents are still annoying and she misses heaps of important work because they can't get their shit together to either get her on the bus or get her to school by 9. The others are there all the time and are progressing in some areas with plenty of annoying stuff still to work on. Still hard to get my head outside the square to look at it objectively though. The change to daylight savings sent them all wacky last week and having a 3 day week coming up probably won't be any better... Ah well, I'm only going to try for another few weeks of fully structured teaching before giving in to end of the year and christmas activities/learning. The teacher next door and I have decided to open up our rooms and combine any classes we can to ease the load at the end of the year, so that could be fun!

To add to things, I'm looking at moving house soon so I am closer to public transport and bike tracks to work. I managed to exercise every school day last week and that is really helping the stress levels too.

Gossip: B1 is taking a year off using long service leave to look after her elderly parents. It will be interesting to see what happens in the primary school next year.

Class lists/groupings are a huge sore point around the place at the moment, there is never an ideal possible but things are a bit tense with lots of different motivations in play. I am well out of it and glad.