Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I am so excited! This is the first time I have ever got a first ribbon at any school athletic event ever! Swimming, plenty. Aths, never!

I came first in Staff Discus for Ladies(!). I faulted on my first throw, got 12.4m on my 2nd (which would have won it by 20cm anyway) and in a terribly inelegant third throw piffed it 15.5m! Ok, there were only 3 of us, but I still came first. I may even wear the ribbon for the rest of the week!

I am writing this between drafts of my essay that is due today... I got into work really early and worked on the draft for a bit. I printed it and took it to aths with me to edit pen and paper style (Ok, I took my lap top too in case I got time to edit it before I had to supervise events). So, i'm sitting up in the stands next to some year 9 boys I taught science to last year. They wanted to know what I was doing, so we had a chat about me being (or trying to be) a librarian and what I had to do to become one. After that if was staring into space or watching the races they boys would tell me to get back to work. When I came back from a quick pit stop they told me to get back to work. They asked if I was finished yet. They told me I was doing working well and doing good work. It was a VERY interesting experience to have all the words you use in the classroom given back to you. I think they rather enjoyed it (as did I) and I guess I got to model some good learning behaviours.

I got a little of it edited on the computer and have finished that draft now... so as it is printed now I should be back to work... sigh.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Still procrastinating... Been reading for my latest assignment and my mind is whirrrrring at a standstill and I think it may go BOP! when it stops...

So many things I read and want to do but can’t right away. Even when the literature says changes needs to be planned on a 3 -5 year scale I want it now! When the lit says you need a good interface to direct students to digital information I think, I know but I can’t do it in one day! I have to learn how to make it right, negotiate with other staff and then make it work... at least Mama Bear (our ‘Resource Centre Manager’) also thinks it’s a priority and is moving some of my more clerical tasks (cataloguing periodicals) back to our technicians to give me time to get working on it.

We bought a digital book at the end of last term. We got a hard copy as well which was a bit dull but came with free digital book that should be very clear and clean to read online. At the other campus they were one for one against but the one against had the final say. The rep came to us when it was me and the Shadow, but we could agree to disagree and leave the decision to Mama Bear. I think it will be a great leap forward for the library.

I think I leave all my study til the last minute because I would be too excited and frustrated to do little bits every week! Better get the brain back to ZIP!

(Apologies to the writers of the song ‘The Marvellous Toy’)

In next week’s thrilling episode remind me to ramble my thoughts about policy and process...