Sunday, February 26, 2006


My 5 little monkeys have turned into Pandas... they must have, because it was Panda-monium on Friday!

Friday drinks were good. Learnt more about the internal (infernal?) politics and workings of the primary school and made some new friends. I have some interesting facial expressions to watch out for in the two across the hall. Until now I hadn't found a decent pseudonym for them, at drinks I found they are often called the Princesses of Darkness or DNA... Are you thinking what I'm thinking? With their habit of dressing the same frequently I decided they will hence forth be known as B1 & B2 – that's far more in keeping with primary and I haven't noticed anything negative about them apart from their tendency towards seriousness... Ok, that should, perhaps, be a crime, but I need them a lot more than they need me... I find it sad though that every time I attempt to stir (one of my favourite pastimes) it falls completely flat. I may even give up... if I can stop myself! But I have found some places where the stir will be appreciated. Unfortunately, some of my co workers have found out that I can laugh 'til I snort and worked out a very good way of making it happen. I smile even thinking about it... next week will be interesting as I'm sure their aim will be to make me laugh at inappropriate times... and it will happen!

Friday we had a family fun afternoon. I finally met Cinderella's mum who is so hugely pregnant that her front looks kind of lumpy. It was really weird but I tried not to look. Cinderella won her race coz she can actually run! Everyone got a prize though. It was really hot and uncomfortable in the hall and it is still hard to get my new parents to separate from their kids. Gave Goldilock's family a copy of a photo I took of her on the computer. She is still and her hands aren't in her ears. They were thrilled to get such a good picture. The trick is turning the flash and the sound off on the camera and sneaking up on her...

School photo's on Wednesday... Eeek! What will I wear?

Friday was actually better than last week which was nice... and a lot better than Thursday!

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