Thursday, February 09, 2006

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It's not easy work and I have rather a high stress level. However, I am feeling pretty good. I may get the hang of this and when things work it will be very rewarding (When it doesn't, I will want to bang my head against a wall – but who doesn't have that feeling sometimes in a job? - there have been frustrating moments so far but believing change is possible and this is just a beginning makes things more positive... I'm still not 100% comfortable with the behavioural change I am going to have to find a way of making in these kids but know I need to be firm and trouble shoot before they make me really annoyed – coz that won't work the same as it would on kids 10 years older...). The people I work with are great, lots of humour and concern for each other (and me!), which makes it a nice place to be. The leak in my room has been fixed. High 5 seems pretty cool – although I am assured I will hate it by the end of the year! - even if I can't work out who's who just yet. The parents of the preps seem to be getting a grip, if only they could arrive on time it would be great. It really mucks my timing up when they arrive ½ an hour late.

Today we tried to do some literacy stuff that included colouring in. One of my formerly free range kinder kids wanted to draw on the blank side – no interest in annie apple (guess which letter we are starting with!) and after tearing the paper, getting a few stickers on successfully before boredom set in I discovered it you did it, whilst telling them what you are doing i.e. I'll just colour the tree in green for you... suddenly I get “Can I help?” The very small victories feel pretty good. Little steps, little steps. Computers today was great. Sleeping Beauty who doesn't appear to find much interesting was totally engaged. Another small victory no throwing stuff or wandering and she wasn't even buckled into her chair. The two mentioned in this paragraph surprised me by working well and focussing when there wasn't someone beside them – helping or perhaps distracting them. Interesting.

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