Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How was school today?

I don't feel the need to write much today as I had a great day, full on and tiring, as to be expected, but things seem to be coming together. So, I suppose I should write about why it was good (I wouldn't want this to turn into a whiny blog...).

Time with all my kids this morning went quite well. Many were late again – so another late start – but this time I was prepared for it and had less planned... that doesn't sound how I meant it... I planned to do things that would take a shorter amount of time so we had morning tea at the right time, but it was extendible if we had have had more time. We did a fairly abbreviated morning circle, but that was good as I'll want to keep it as a short but regular start to the day when we have other programs up and running.

One of my kids is doing much better now we get her to walk using her kaye walker when we need her to move from, or between, chairs. She gets more position changes, is less fidgety and easier to transfer, not to mention the benefits to her. At recess I spent some time playing with another of my new students. As I knew I had APT next with the kids going to Music and Library sessions, it was well worth putting off the cup of tea and toilet break to spend some time getting to know her doing something fun. We played ball in the semi open courtyard that our classroom backs onto and one of my kids who is mobile and very self directed came out to play ball with us too. The new girl can throw really well and isn't bad at catching if you prompt about where to position her arms. It was also a nice reminder that even if kids don't talk, they might well be listening very carefully.

Got some more stuff sorted out in the way of paperwork and found some good resources for teaching literacy in some random folders that had been left in the classroom. I just need to find some time to spend a while reading them! I am still getting a lot of help from the teacher who is pregnant. It is great to have her get little things done, like printing and laminating, for me whilst I try to get a grip on the big new concepts.

When I took the parents up to the library to pick up the new preps, one of them was conked out asleep on the carpet. She has been really tired every day and struggling at times to stay awake in class. I might need to get a mat and create a quiet corner for naps when she starts full time. Her mum was a bit worried but I reassured her that even some of the kids in the senior school need a nap sometimes. She was relieved. I guess it makes you feel like your kid isn't the odd one out.

I had yard duty second half of lunch. The playground is being refurbished so I was on duty in the courtyard mentioned previously. It was fun, except when I hit my head on the air conditioner that hangs outside my room and into the courtyard... and the kids laughed at me! I played ball with lots of kids and it was good to get to know some of the others around who are not in my class. It would be better if I had a clue what their names were, but that will take time.

In the afternoon with just the two older students, we had a physical program with the physio. We rode bikes up to a new area I hadn't seen before and played on some swings and stairs and balance things and I got to see the trampoline! It was cool except for the ooky water in the pit underneath it. For the physio it was time she could do some assessment before getting to know the new ones and I was just learning what went on in their department and what cool toys they had!

After school we had a meeting that I had only heard about round 15 minutes before it happened. About 5 minutes before I get a phone call... “Hi, Oh and by the way the meeting is in your room and A, B, C, D, E & F will be there soon.” Oh-Kay... The meeting was actually really good. I felt like I didn't really put much in ideas wise, but managed to help with a few observations about the new students. My class has 2 sessions of physical program paired with another class. We worked out groups for these two sessions and who would help where and what sort of stuff they would be doing. It means we have something to go with tomorrow mid morning and programs are taking shape. My team are all young which is a nice change to hanging out with the teachers who are mostly a lot older than me (except my babysitter – but she's pregnant and leaving!). Methinks it's the therapists who go out for a drink on a Friday arvo too...

Don't expect this much on other good days...
Funny thing is I'm still stressed though. But it took nearly 5 weeks on teaching rounds to feel ok, so, this being the real thing (!), I don't really expect to feel settled 'til part way into term 2. I'm sure I'll be fine by the end of this term but then I'll have 2 weeks off and be nervous starting again.....

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