Monday, February 13, 2006

Monday: Week 3

Monday. It's hard to find much to say because there is so much I feel I need to be doing... So I have done some of it already.

I came home earlier than I probably would have because the computer in my room is crap and old and I haven't got my grubby mitts on department of education laptop (with the wireless internet through the school) yet. The computer didn't have a clue what to do with my memory stick, so I figured it would be better just to come and do stuff at home where it will also be easier to download pictures I took of the kids today and just burn it all on to a disk to take in tomorrow.

And I have cutting out to do!

Today was fine. Slightly chaotic as usual. Sleeping Beauty was very alert and talkative (in her own way) today. She knows what's going on but is just not interested in it. We are still working on the games you like - we do not think they are funny... No chucking stuff on the floor. No hitting other kids. No grabbing glasses. And if you want to sulk about it, that's fine. Student management! Little Red Ridinghood chucked a 'nana at me after swimming, we'd had fun, although I found she is a lot more distracted with her good mate Cinderella around. Not happy with something whilst we were getting changed, that turned into a crying screaming thing that she is apparently well known for, that made me feel quite bad because I couldn't make it better... She had settled down by the time she was waiting for the bus...

Got some maths books for Cinderella as I feel I should be doing more for her at this point... some revision then get her going on some new work. She works well independently which is a relief. Will have to think out a plan of attack (or even a lesson plan.........) for money, time and a continuation of adding and subtracting.

School photo's coming up soon, bugger.

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