Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Grown up? What, me???

Just a quick post as I'm off to give blood. The only thing my heart is involved in this St Valentines day!

Today was pretty good. Arrived early, got stuff done. Only had 3 kids As Sleeping Beauty had a Drs appointment and -let's call her- Snow White who was away yesterday too has a head cold. The two who are with me all day are getting used to me now, I need to start putting some ground rules down about what my limits are I guess... otherwise we can just find out kind of organically, I guess.

Had just me and and aide in the morning and we did some games, singing 5 Little Monkeys and reading the book and some counting (and singing...) with the apples on our tree [except the song is the same tune as 10 green bottles, so we kept singing wall instead of tree!]. Middle session I had time off for good behaviour and they went to Music and Library! After lunch (-:yard duty is still fun:-), We had physical program with another class. We set up a course up, over, through soft big obstacles, along a beam, up and down stairs and some throwing and catching too. It was great to work one on one with a student as you really get to see their improvement. And whilst this was happening the physio got me some chairs with boards on the bottom to try tomorrow!

Could not convince Cinderella that I was just a big kid. “No. You're a grown up!” {sigh} I guess it's official then...

Had some induction thing today after school. It was ok, got to ask questions, found out stuff.

Kept seeing the principal out of the corner of my eye today, she seemed to be everywhere I was going past. Odd.

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