Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tears before bedtime

How to describe what I am feeling today... tired and emotional almost covers it. I couldn't keep it together any longer at the end of today. Too much. Started getting all teary. Two of the kids went nuts at the end of the day. Actually, that's not true. They were their usual selves, I just couldn't handle it... and I am SO sick of the parents! I just wish they'd......... Chatted to one of the physios and got it back together (sort of) for the last of my induction sessions... we get to the end and I'm asked if I'm ok and then worse, I get a hug... so the tears come back and I scarper to the kitchen for another cup of tea with 3 sugars to try to calm me down before I start sobbing. Feel like such a dill for crying in front of the APs, but it was all a bit too much today. People keep asking how they can help and there's not much anyone can do, I have plenty of support for the stuff I need in the classroom but this is in my head. There is a guidance counsellor in tomorrow and one of the APs said she'd take over for me at the kids lunch time for me to speak to her. That's nice but if I get all teary and then have to have my photo taken, I'm not going to be happy. But if that happens I won't have been happy in the first place.

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