Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 8 begins...

I didn't blog on Friday as I went away for the weekend. I didn't do anything for school. It felt good. Though made me a bit anxious this morning, but it was all fine.

Recap from Friday... Odd day with kids all over the place started with 4 and finished with 2. Got some good one on one stuff done and it was a better Friday than usual.


Sleeping Beauty had the snuffles and stayed home.

Snow White had a good day (and her mum wasn't too annoying either – I could have strangled her on Thursday...).

Little Red Ridinghood was back again for the morning, tiring easily but doing well post op. She was back on Friday as she was bored at home and mum had had enough too. Is managing longer periods in her standing frame but changes back and forth between chair and frame improve her disposition. She is in for half a day so far but we'll see how she goes by the end of the week.

Goldilocks was a pain but continued to be so when mum came to swim with her – at least it wasn't just my classes being boring then. I suppose I have to accept that they have moods and off days too.

Cinderella was subdued but only a little whiney and we had a good swim at the end of the day where she worked really well and put a lot of trust in me and tried hard at the scary things. She can float well with a little build up and managed over 20 seconds worth today. She did some great almost freestyle and is starting to remember to breath and keep going. I was very proud of her fighting panic and keeping going in the deep end.

One of my mates is in a similar mood to mine last week. She is teaching high school science and math so our problems are similar but different, however, the emotion is all the same. First year teaching doesn't appear to be particularly good for anyone.

[That's 50 blog posts... I never expected to keep it going for this long... or have 3 loyal readers! - even if one of them reckons it's all boring...]

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