Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sometimes you just need a chokki biscuit

I've mentioned that Wednesday isn't my favorite day, yes? Ok, so I won't go there again just yet.

Literacy block went fine except for the bit where Cinderella burst into tears because we ran out of time to make the Clever Cat masks. Very unusual for her. Seems sad, tired and out of sorts with the new baby at home.

Physical program is still a work in progress but in the other group Little Red Ridinghood was doing some great walking, her feet are so flat since the operation! In our group we had the usual acting up by Goldilocks and the sudden energy failure of Sleeping Beauty who paid far more attention once she was sat back down in her chair. Snow White got some quality time with a speechy and was a happy little critter today. Seems like she is starting to settle and gain confidence. Did a lot more vocalisation today too.

Math wasn't so great. It was just me for most of the session and all five are really hard for me to get quality work out of. I had a helper in for about 45 mins and she worked with the older two. That was ok. Then we came back to the tables and tried to make some numbers. Cutting, pasting, colouring, scrunching up paper and putting glitter on... The place was such a mess afterwards but I learnt some important lessons. Give out less glitter, don't expect independent work from many of them. Change the structure so we all do the same thing at once but take turns - i.e. now we are cutting, now we are pasting etc etc... It is hard work by myself which is also why I don't like Fridays much either.

It was beautiful and sunny 'til lunchtime when the weather turned foul. I'm not a fan of winter.

Yesterday I forgot to put in the funny story - I remembered it about 5 minutes after I'd turned off the computer. So here goes...

It got back to the computer guy that I has a picture of him on my notice board coz I knew he hated the pic and so then I drew horns on his head and dubbed him the devil with this hordes of evil computers. Next he brought some darts at recess. We threw them until I finally got him through the forehead... I had to focus on my crappy computer and the blue screen of death to do it though. Later he asked if he could have that pic for knife throwing... and I'm like 'What the?'. So as I got to lunch he takes me to see the board the boys (the maintenance man, IT guys, random young guy & part time computer helper) have made. It has the IT guy traced on to it and now had his face at the top. I was offered the double ended steak knives that the maintenance guy had made... The best I could manage was to bounce one off his face... nothing stuck. Then he had a go and was just as bad! Today he tells me they have made a spear... Boys!

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