Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Treading water?

Today was ok except I keep thinking it's a Wednesday and think it's been great for a Wednesday!

Cinderella and I did some math in the morning while the other girls were with the god botherers at RE. She can do most of it with a little prompting but her writing of numbers needs a bit more work so we go back and forward in emphasis between doing the sums and writing the numbers well.

Then we went across the hallway to do some values ed with the other preps. Later in the day B2 went through where they are at with it and I am happy to follow if not quite exactly. I also had time to ask her about how to structure my integrated studies topics which I feel that I haven't been managing very well. I felt better afterwards coz it turns out I'm not doing too badly and now I have plenty of ideas for how to start the next one. I can start a bit of written planning over Easter (hehehe - as if...). I need a new list of things I need to get done in the near future... maybe after I find my desk again...

I am working on the swimming on Fridays plan and my pregnant co worker who has about 7 days of school left took my kids for a while in the library. I got some book binding and laminating done. I seem to spend my life printing, cutting, laminating, cutting, applying velcro and binding books with those weird ring things...

Tomorrow should go ok as there is good stuff in the morning and in the arvo I have prepared an activity that we should be able to get done... It's in the math section... colours is math right? umm... what about spatial awareness of shapes fitting together... I'll try to put a pic up of one tomorrow, no point explaining it now.

This morning I put a few rabbit tracks around the primary school and another teacher - lets call her leopard print lady - put bits of white fluff around like bits of tail left behind. There were 4 today, I will do more each day til Thursday... The kid's reactions ranged from nonplussed to curious to confused.

This week could be a good 'un!

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