Thursday, April 06, 2006

(insert witty title here)

I had time release this arvo and eventually came to the conclusion that there is never enough time so I should probably stop worrying about it.

Today we made play dough. I was always going to be a bit risky given the way my kids throw things around but the OT and I decided what the hell, it'll wash off. It was fun. I took heaps of photos to make a powerPoint presentation for 'sharing' in a few weeks time at our primary school meeting. Some were great blurry action shots as a tub full of flour is pushed off a table... the photo that follows is of my speckled white pants leg and the remarkably upright and full tub of flour on the floor. That student did the rest of their mixing in a zip lock bag, which worked just fine. The other 3 (I had goldilocks away today which may have made things a bit easier...) played in the flour, mixed in the salt, glugged it up with water and chose a colour to add (which is why I now have very blue fingers).

Our playdough in the fridge!

In other exciting news, I will get my new computer next week so I can download my photos, move things by memory stick all to the lap top! They arrived this week but the computer guy has to set them all up (and unpack them all) and then they will go to the office and be presented after you have filled in a mountain of administrivia. I saw it today and gave it a little pat hello. I should get it next week sometime. YAY! I can leave the crappy 98 computer to the kids!

Today on yard duty amongst other things I reset the watch of the boy who has the same watch as me. Why wear it if it doesn't show the right time? It's such a little thing... and now I can check his watch if i'm not wearing mine!

This is a link to a Washington Post article on education blogs that mentioned one of my regular reads. Interesting to see their take on why edu blogs exist.

I think I'm behind and up the creek with my reports... I don't care that much coz I am very confused and it's not as if I have them all done from everyone else either, but better yet, I am forgiven because I am new, inexperienced and confused.

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