Monday, April 10, 2006

In the swim

Umm... Friday I was tired and slightly wired so after a few of us had drinks. I went out. So no blog. I thought about it on the weekend but couldn't bring myself to write it down. What was I thinking about?... stuffed if I know! Friday was ok for a Friday. Only had 3 by the end of the day so sent Little Red Riding Hood walking, made play dough in a zip lock bag with Goldilocks and let Cinderella choose what she wanted to do... So she played with her play dough and then did something educational on the computer. She has nearly learnt how to log in by herself and will soon be more competent than many teachers... Goldilocks cracked me up as she was wanting to sit in everyone else's chairs today. "I want to sit in Cinderella's chair!", "I want to sit in Sleeping Beauty's chair!" I told her that her chair was just right and that where she should sit.

Got a bit mad on Friday when I found out that my class would miss swimming again because of parent teacher interviews in junior school and miss music and library because of parent teacher interviews in the senior school. I was almost sounding like Cinderella - "but what about me?..."
I found a way around the swimming and today have been looking into alternatives to make up for missing so many swims on a Monday. Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both had really bad nights and went home at lunchtime, LRRH isn't swimming yet so Goldilocks, her mum, Cinderella and myself went in the pool today. Goldilock's mum would like her to learn to swim but she is such a wriggler and won't do as she's told that it will be quite hard. But it's good physio for her legs anyway. Cinderella did really well today, picking up rings from the bottom of the pool, swimming laps and floating for ages.

Our literacy session was good. We did lots of 'C' stuff and read what we found out on Friday was Sleeping Beauty's favorite book - "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" it is great because it has a Caterpillar and lots of counting. Later we coloured Clever Cat with circle sponge stamps. That was fun and Snow White did most of it by herself. Very little help required. Then we cut some coloured cellophane. We are doing some bits of easter stuff but it is all bunnies and eggs from my end and the RE ladies can do Jesus on a stick tomorrow for the kids.

My mentor who has been away a lot over the last few weeks is off 'til the first of May. So much for a mentor. I guess I have been mostly going it alone anyhow. At least now I have a few more people to talk to for back up, but I don't want to take up too much of their time with my needs when it's not a role they have put their hand up for.

Also, on Friday some of my lovely colleagues from over the other side of the courtyard asked how I was going with reports and offered to take my kids for half an hour if I had stuff I needed to do. I thought that was such a sweet offer. I didn't take it up but as my mentor who has vanished was going to look over my stuff I should have got them to proof read it instead. Ah well, too late now.

I got my new computer today. It is very black and sleek but very IBM... Perhaps now I can re do this one with Linux...

I listened to this today. It was linked on Falling Off My Pedestal. It's from BBC4 radio about an oral history project being done by Scope about people with disabilities, particularly CP, by people with disabilities. Very interesting the differences and similarities between lives now and then.

New Acronym of the day...
CP: Cerebral Palsy

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