Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Not sure I have much to say today.

Went in early. Missed my 5 pm leaving curfew and stayed til six. Got stuff done which made me feel productive but quite tired.

Had good interactions with Snow White's mum today. She wrote in the diary and was great on leaving. She may even let SW swim by herself next week. I will try to reward her by sending home some pictures I took today.

I joked with lots of people at work today. I like that I work in a place where I can just be myself. People are giving it back to me now too...

The aide I had at the start of the year is back after breaking her pelvis. She is great, has kids of her own and is quite easy going. I am glad to have that bit of stability back.

My speechy seems to have disappeared entirely. I am told they are looking into a replacement coz my kids sure could do with the input. Snow White is getting better at letting things be known though and Cinderella will point out to someone in charge that SW needs to tell them something. Usually it is the toilet but I hope in time there will be more. Today she signed toilet and was taken to the loo where she sat and went! This is a huge achievement for one of our kids except she was a bit confused, I was told, when the toileting ladies were clapping and cheering for her. Mum thought it was great too.

My physio was away today but I took my remaining kids (Sleeping beauty had a neurologists appointment in the arvo) bike riding. 1. They are easy to manage and are strapped on to the bike - I like it. 2. They love bike riding - can't ask for more than that! What a winner! Little Red Ridinghood being post op couldn't ride and being a bit emotionally delicate at the best of time and more so now was unhappy she couldn't ride. I tried to include her and she was being pushed around but then I had better thought and we went back to the room and set her up with a motorcycle cop's helmet a bit of wood for a radar gun and put a siren noise on the big mack so she could push the button and get a wee-oo wee-oo type noise. She loved it! It got her involved but she didn't have to be on a bike to be a part of it. We chased after the speeding Cinderella at one point and she rides faster than I can chase after her running whilst pushing a wheelchair... I was tired at the end. Goldilocks tired early. Cinderella was sweating but wanted to keep going and SW had a great time - but thought the wee-oo noise was too loud and said/signed so (YAY!).

Inclusive ed is something you have to work hard at, but when it works it's magic.

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