Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Teacher or Case Manager?

Yesterday's blog seemed very calm because I completely forgot about PSGs. They are pretty much parent teacher interviews but with the a rep from the therapists. So, it becomes Parent Support Group meetings. I had two with the kids who had been there a year. Their parents are great and it was all no dramas. I was bricking it before hand though. It will be harder with the prep parents though.

Also forgot that the day would be different because of the PSGs. It worked out ok though because the activity I had planned for this afternoon was set to go in the middle session when we usually have a physical program but today all the specialists were up in senior school for PSGs there. Lucky! We made easter baskets and easter egg stained glass windows with cellophane. They turned out great.

It's so easy to write about my day rather than connect with what I'm feeling at the moment. It's like if I do, I'll be overwhelmed by it. Things are ok, and people keep telling me I'm doing a good job but being a teacher and effectively a case manager for 5 kids daily education and care (eating, drinking, toileting, transport, physio, speech therapy, OT, medications...), being the centre of all that stuff is such a huge job. I am always feeling like I could be doing it better but haven't learned to give myself a break yet. I could do it better if there were 48 hours in a day and I had at least 8, preferably 10, really long arms!

Snow White went home on the bus for the first time today. They changed her bus route so she gets home earlier and leaves later and her poor Mum has had enough of her and is feeling pretty bad about that. I really hope it works out ok. It would make my life easier and hers!

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Anonymous said...


I read your comment at Disability Rants. I am a physically disabled person, a 7th grade language arts teacher, and the editor, founder and publisher of an online lifestyle magazine for physically disabled people.
I also have a blog

I feel for you. Being a teacher is difficult and teaching kids with disabilities is very challenging but don't you love the priceless rewards we get when a student learns because of us.

I hope you will always inspire parents and kids to continue to succeed in life.

As a disabled person, I can honestly tell you that teachers had the biggest impact on me. Their words make and break the spirit.

Best of luck to you.

I don't know if you know but there is a website and I think it would be great if you checked it out and perhaps shared it with some of your parents.

Have an audacious day!