Monday, May 22, 2006

18 days + a PD

Yeah, I am counting to keep me going.

Today wasn't great. I was tense. I swore at innanimate objects in company. I used the f-word after school in front of the head of primary. Thankfully I haven't sworn in front of the kids yet. It wouldn't be so bad if they weren't 6!

I have a busy week ahead and it wasn't a great start.

Speech aide who comes in because I still don't have a speechie was frustrated by Goldilock's usual behaviour. I am with her all day, every day. They are all hard work.

I was chatting to the art teacher this morning about how I'd been feeling over the weekend. She gave me a beautiful reply to the people who comment about teachers and all their holidays - yeah, there are lots of holidays, but in between is teaching.

Teaching ain't easy!
(The kids were good today though... :o)

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cnwb said...

My parents have always been skeptical of teachers, citing their extensive holidays and short hours (they think teachers go home at 3) and, of course, curriculum days. Since I told them I am going to work towards a teaching career, they've quietened down on that front, but every now and then a snide comment sneaks out.

I was recently discussing with them how I could make ends meet while I do my Dip Ed fulltime, and said "but it's not a full year, it's from February to November, or so". To this, my father replied "oh, so it's teachers' hours". Ironic, seeing as far as I've heard, a Dip Ed requires more contact hours that most other postgrad courses.