Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Turned a corner… or going round the bend?

Feeling much more positive today, I was able to start swimming again and the difference it has made to my state of mind is amazing. For me swimming is like moving meditation. I can let everything move through my mind without any physical manifestation of stress. Exercise has been a bit difficult of late as I have a stress fracture in my foot. Am going to add a pic to this entry to record the contraption I have had attached to my foot for the last 7 weeks (and to work out how the pic thing happens). It was taken with my phone and rotated, so it will look at bit strange. It's not easy to take a photo of your own foot.

I will have the contraption (otherwise known as a cam walker) on for about half the day by the time I start work and my Dr wants me to have it on if I am walking around a lot at work. The school already knows about it as I had it on when I went to the end of year concert in December and apparently it has happened before with one teacher starting there as the swimming and sports teacher with thigh to toe plaster! If nothing else, I guess it will be a good conversation starter in the staff room. I can’t walk very fast with it on so I’m lucky the school is totally set up for disabled access and my students wont move too fast either! I’d hate to have this on starting at a great big high school somewhere. Trying to move through packed corridors with kids you don’t know and get to classrooms at the other end of the school…

I am actually starting to smile when I think about my new job. A very good sign! I am much more confident today that it will all be ok. They know I will ask a lot of questions and are expecting me to do so. I am a proactive person and will be able to find things out… I get a classroom to stay in – I can put up posters and have a plant (perhaps) and have lots of cool and stimulating stuff around me. That’s got to be heaps better than moving around classrooms that are dull and functional. I have almost remembered all my kids names, I will just have to put faces to them.

Have decided that I will try to get my shit together this week and get all organised and do all the little things that need doing so then next week I can deliberately go out and enjoy myself. Go to galleries, go to the beach, catch up with mates, see the big squid thing at the aquarium (maybe – I might wait til I get my VIT card for some stuff coz then it will be free – who would have thought that there would be perks to being a teacher… apart from the holidays!), eat, drink, be merry! Before I am busy, exhausted and overwhelmed!

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