Saturday, January 14, 2006

It could be worse...

I could be stressing about having to teach 20+ unruly teenagers in disconnected segments throughout the week, having to re learn heaps of science I forgot years ago or never really understood when I was at high school (or just never got to learn, like most principles of physics), or worse, i could have a senior class who believe their whole future rests on their final two years. I would most likely be terrified of having to teach a subject I had an average understanding of but no love for – as I most probably would have got a job teaching math and science.

I don't understand the planning sheet for using with unit development. I have spent a lot of my time in the dip ed trying to get an understanding of lesson planning and how to construct sequential learning experiences, trying to find a method I was comfortable that wasn't completely ad hoc and I get something completely different when I actually find a job I want. Typical. If I was Alanis Morissette, I would probably say it was ironic.

The whole CSF/VELS thing, I read it, I understand the words and ideas, how it is going to apply to me in the real world with the students I have, NFI. At this school some of the 'Domains' are taught as 'integrated studies' topics that create a theme for your learning for the term. So in science at level 1 we do pets apparently. I got a sheet with all the topics and levels for this year. It looks really boring. The level 1 and 2 stuff I can't see anything in, but I also can't remember what things tiny little kids need to learn at school! I also have no idea about what tiny little kids need in the way of class room management (new warm fuzzy words for rules and discipline). Teenagers actually make sense to me when compared with 6 year olds! I have some understanding of what they need... maybe I need to find a book or something on primary level classrooms.

Am reading all the info I have been sent or acquired about the school. I just noticed a lovely line in the letter from the two teachers I will be working with, not only will they be free to help me on my first day with the kids, but “We will also organise the rest of the week's activities with you.” That's a relief. Today, the way I am thinking is that they hired me knowing that I had NFI about this kind of teaching, they hired me for enthusiasm not experience. And from conversations with the teacher there, it seems a lot of them started out that way.

Looking at my draft timetable, it looks like I only have 4 sessions that I need to fill up, I can do that. 4 - that's only the equivalent of a day and the bit before morning recess.

To end on a positive note, I only have to learn 5 kids names! That is so much more achievable than +100, including the quiet kid who never says anything and you haven't got a clue who they are for most of first term...

Today's Acronyms:

CSF – Curriculum Standards and Framework

VELS – Victorian Essential Learning Standards

NFI – No Idea

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