Thursday, December 29, 2005

Freaking Out

OK. Now, I'm freaking out. It's 10pm, wednesday 28th december and I have finally had time to read the stuff that came in the mail today... A nice big package apparently useful information, well, I presume it would be if I could make sense of it! So now the kettle is on and I'm going to have a nice cup of tea and take a few deep breaths...

Given that it is a balmy 27°C in the house, my tea is paired up with a cold beer. I know it sounds bad but it's not the first time nor will it be the last and I'm too old to give a rats what anyone who may read this thinks of it. Where was I?... Yup the pile of documents is still looking at me (figuratively speaking, of course).

The last couple of weeks have been alright, I was having minor moments of fear/terror/panic/alarm after I found out I was going to get a prep/1 class to start my teaching experience, but this makes it so much more real. I have a sketched out weekly time table with acronyms on it that i don't understand, actually, there are lots of bits of paper that I don't understand that all seem to be related. Thankfully, the AP who sent it to me has included her home contact details for if I have any questions. I am thinking I'll spend til mid Jan trying to make more sense of it and then work up the courage to give her a call. I particularly like the check list for the start of the year, I just wish I knew what the things on the list I am supposed to do actually meant....

I also got a nice little letter from the 2 teachers I will be working closely with and a copy of what they have sent to parents of new students outlining the program for the first few weeks. Big sigh of relief came with that bit. 1. I can make sense of it. 2. Maybe half my kids wont be there for a full day until late february. 3. They will be free to help me and the kids get settled on tuesday morning, my first day with students.

Other things of note: it appears one of my students will go to a mainstream school one day a week; my fears about having to deliver literacy programs have been eased as I get a specialist teacher for 3 sessions of that a week; and the principal has included a VIT booklet with dates for PD seminars for provisionally registered teachers and a circle around one that would be good for me to go to. It seems to be close by the school so I can make it easily by the 4pm start, very thoughtful.

They seem really well organised. I feel I will be well supported which is a lot more than other beginning teachers will get. Deep end, yes, but looks like I'll be given floaties!

Today's New Words

AP – Assistant Principal
VIT – Victorian Institute of Teaching (Registration body for teachers)
PD – Professional Development

PS... well that is my first real attempt at doing an electronic journal... I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that anyone call read it as it will be posted in a public domain (not quite shy, rather wondering about self censorship), but trust (hope?) that those search for areas this includes find something helpful to them and those who stumble upon it randomly aren't too bored... I feel better for writing it so with any luck I'll be able to start a pattern I can continue.

In the Next Exciting Episode...

Perhaps I'll muse on how I came to be in this situation... Talking to drunk people at BBQs will get you into Trouble...

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